Announcing the Cega Super Sanics Utility NFT Collection

3 min readJun 10, 2022
Just a few of our cute lil sanics!

Who’s ready for some eggciting news!!

Say hello to this curious Super Sanic! We’re so excited to announce Cega’s upcoming utility NFT collection, Cega Super Sanics, and share more details about the project.

First, what is Cega?

Cega is the first DeFi exotic options protocol that is building safer, high-yielding investment opportunities for every crypto user. We’re backed by top investors including Dragonfly, Pantera, Coinbase Ventures, and Solana Ventures. Cega’s team brings together former exotic options traders, startup founders, and Silicon Valley engineers to push the boundaries on crypto innovation.

What is the ‘Cega Super Sanics’ utility NFT collection?

Cega Super Sanics (CSS) is Cega’s collection of 5,000 utility NFTs. The art for each NFT is unique and generative. CSS NFTs feature nearly 200 variable traits such eyes, clothing, accessories, and many rare and special details 👀

We decided to create an NFT because we wanted to reward our community of super users, lovingly nicknamed “Super Sanics”. As a DeFi protocol, we vowed to only launch an NFT if it would deliver meaningful value and utility for our holders. As much as we love digital JPEGs, we made sure our Cega NFTs could do more.

Utility and benefits

It makes immense sense (🥁) to be a CSS NFT holder. Forever.


  • Token airdrop boost for CSS holders who use Cega
  • Access the highest APY vault on mainnet launch day (CSS holders only)
  • First access to new product releases and limited trading strategies
  • Beta access to R&D opportunities and user research
  • Membership to the #1 community for exotic options experts and fans!
  • Sick CSS swag and merch drops
  • Tickets to protocol live & digital events

… and more!

We’re thankful to our community and the CSS collection gives us a way to identify and thank the real OGs and supporters of our protocol.

When can I get one?

Minting takes place on June 20th and there is also a small private whitelist mint prior to the public launch. For more information about getting access to the private whitelist, please join our Discord to find out.

On minting day, holders will receive a Cega egg. Eggs hatch and reveal their unique NFT 3 days later upon Cega mainnet launch on 6/23. We will be running a number of fun activities leading into mainnet launch so stay tuned for how you can get involved :)

Watchu gonna get??

Thank yous

This NFT project would not have been a success without the hard work of a number of talented artists who collaborated with our team:

Moya (Artist, @MoYa_mk16)
Taz (Art Producer, @YuTaz22)
Dennie (Art Direction Advisor, @denniebright)

Follow our Twitter and join our Discord to stay tuned for updates!

The Cega Team 🥚




Cega is building the next evolution in defi derivatives with the first protocol focused purely on exotic options.