Cega Finance Uncovered

  • Cega vaults trade the “fixed coupon note” exotic option which has note (aka bond) like characteristics
  • This means users lend their capital to the note issuer who promises to return the capital plus yield interest
  • Cega does not send user deposits to a Credora Maple pool or any Maple undercollateralized lending pool
  • Cega APYs are real outputs from MM trades, not made up of yield from lending to Maple pools
  • Cega does not fake its TVL
  • Cega trades are 20% collateralized

Claim Category 1: Undercollateralized Lending

Claim: Cega lends user funds to market makers.

Claim Category 2: Yield

Claim: Cega yields are made up >90% from undercollateralized lending.

Claim Category 3: TVL

Claim: Cega TVL is fake (inflated, misleading). The money deposited is fake by VCs and market makers in order to bring legitimacy and trust to users.



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Cega is building the next evolution in defi derivatives with the first protocol focused purely on exotic options.