Cega Mainnet Launch

Smooth sailing with the Super Sanics

What’s Cega?

Cega is the first decentralized finance (“DeFi”) exotic structured products protocol that creates vaults for investors which are safe and high yielding. We developed advanced math models to create structures that offer price protection against market crashes and compounding returns.

Our First Products

90% price protection means that even if the crypto market falls another 70%, you do not lose your principal and your yield stays.

How to Use

Access and launch app on cega.fi

  1. Connect your Phantom wallet
  2. If you don’t have USDC, get some on FTX or swap on Jupiter Aggregator
  3. Choose a Cega trading strategy of your choice
  4. Deposit USDC amount
  5. If you cannot deposit, it will say “Sold Out”
  6. Done!

Utility NFTs

If you own one of our Cega Super Sanic Utility NFTs, you get access to the “Insanic” vault but there’s more! Make sure to make your Sanic into your profile picture to show that you are a part of the Cega community 🤝

  • Airdrop Booster (you can get multiple for extra boost) *there will be a cap
  • First access to new strategies coming out
  • Invitations to exclusive online and offline events
  • Surprise swag drops
  • Membership to the gigabrain community in DeFi

Risk and Security

Cega has conducted a strong security audit with Ottersec and received security consulting from Zellic. On a product level, our code was deemed “high quality” and any security risks were mitigated throughout the auditing process.

For more information

Twitter: http://twitter.com/cega_fi
Discord: http://discord.gg/cega
Documentation: https://cega.gitbook.io/cega/



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Cega is building the next evolution in defi derivatives with the first protocol focused purely on exotic options.